QlikView Training – End Users

Basic QlikView training for normal users. This course is often tailor-made to the client's unique QlikView application(s) and is normally held on site at customer's premises. Covers things like making selections, creation of bookmarks, printing and export. The documentation is based on your applications plus some standard examples.

This course covers all the needs of a QlikView end user.

  • Open QlikView documents
  • Refresh data
  • Introduction of QlikView objects
  • How to navigate through your application
  • List Box
  • Multi Box
  • Charts
  • Current selections (filters)
  • Selecting Data using filters
  • Search for data
  • Locking selections
  • Hierarchies and cycle groups
  • Sort
  • Bookmarks
  • Exporting data to excel
  • Printing of reports
  • Exercises