Applico Group Ltd

New Zealand's leading importer of premium kitchen appliances goes for QlikView and Visual Intelligence Ltd


With more than 16,000 different products, Applico wasn't able to get the reporting they needed with Chrystal Reports. Pre-defined paper printouts simply was not enough. Applico needed detailed information about sales and purchasing and stock control that could not be obtained with the existing system.


One QlikView main sales and purchasing application handles most of the reporting requirements for Applico. But since Visual Intelligence Ltd helped Applico setup their first QlikView application back in 2003 the usage has spread across the business to more than 14 different applications.


Detailed Target Followup on sales rep level, Powerful performance analysis down to invoice level, Instant information access and reporting for sales people and Sales reps can analyse off line - on the road

Applico Group Ltd is the leading importer of premium kitchen appliances into New Zealand sourced from throughout the world. Specifically, Smeg, Baumatic and Classique from Italy, St George from Australia and Viking from the USA.

Advanced Logistics Planning

The majority of Applico’s products are being imported from the other side of the world. Shipping times for most products are 5 weeks or more making re-stocking and stock optimisation a major concern. Warranty obligations also require Applico to always ensure that spare parts are readily available. The sheer number of different products and spare parts make this a highly complex task. 

One of Applico’s QlikView applications takes care of this complex task combining input from the ERP system and various other sources, giving instant feedback to the logistics manager. This information is the base for purchase ordering keeping the stock on hand at an optimum level at all times.

Warranty Analysis 

QlikView gathers data from a separate warranty database that logs all warranty claims and compares the data with current sales and purchase information enabling advanced Analysis that gives Applico early warnings if any products should have a higher than normal fault rate.