Elizabeth Arden (NZ)

Elizabeth Arden (NZ)

Prestige beauty company, Elizabeth Arden NZ, have revolutionised the way they access and utilise their business data since implementing QlikView with Visual Intelligence Ltd.

Elizabeth Arden (NZ) has immediate access to key sales information with QlikView

As a sales and marketing organisation in a very competitive consumer-driven industry, Elizabeth Arden NZ needed to have immediate visibility of key drivers in their business. The extraction of data using traditional cube-based software not only for internal analysis but in particular for reporting to their international corporate head office was extremely time consuming and inefficient. It would often take weeks just to extract and format the data required, meaning ready access to reporting was restricted to a couple of individuals within the business. What information they did have was also very limited with no expansion capabilities making regular performance reporting problematic.

Due to these inefficiencies, it was difficult for Elizabeth Arden NZ to implement improvement initiatives in key areas such as gross margin which are integral for improving profitability. But things are different now that they have QlikView.

The implementation of QlikView has provided users with instant data access, company-wide, providing the business users with simple but comprehensive reports and analysis. According to CFO, Tony Goddard, their business life with QlikView compared to their previous experience is like “day versus night.”

“We now have immediate access to key sales information and transparency throughout our organisation and distribution network. QlikView provides us with the big picture of our business operations at our finger tips in one easy-to-use software application. The very expansive functionality developed by Visual Intelligence was obviously designed to help our business get immediate value out of QlikView and that has certainly been the case for us.”

“What’s more is that the more I use QlikView, the more I think of ways and areas in which we can use QlikView to answer questions about the business to help us improve efficiency.”

According to Mr Goddard, he would “absolutely recommend Visual Intelligence” as their QlikView partner. “They are a team of people with an excellent understanding of which drivers are integral to running a successful business. I have complete confidence they will understand our needs and continue to deliver what we require as we expand our QlikView usage. Their support and training has also been prompt and very easy to follow.”


About Elizabeth Arden NZ

Elizabeth Arden is a global beauty company with a rich heritage and brand equity that maintains a strong connection with the consumer by staying modern and relevant. By offering a portfolio of high quality products and services with a focus on innovation in skincare, colour trends and a complete range of fragrances, Elizabeth Arden caters to the total beauty needs of women around the world.

Elizabeth Arden New Zealand is run out of offices in Newmarket and the General Manager is Valerie Riley. All products are now imported from the Roanoke factory in the United States and are distributed through 130 stockists New Zealand-wide.

After 85 years of history in New Zealand, Elizabeth Arden continues to move from strength to strength, balancing the art of maintaining the traditions espoused by Miss Arden, while looking to the innovations of the future.