We know the right analytics can help organisations improve the way they manage their business. That’s why our consulting and project management methodology is designed to help you maximize the value of our products — leading to better business decisions.


We offer practical IT business services, primarily around data management and analysis to enable users in your organisation to access and view key information effectively.

Our experienced consultants work with clients in a range of industries and know how important it is to get to know you and your organisation well. This enables us to understand what is important to you and to custom build applications to suit your specific requirements.

We can then also help you to make decisions from what you learn from your key information to see your business processes improve and result in more efficient operations.

Jedox Development Services

We employ an agile staged approach, delivering maximum efficiency and flexibility during your implementation. Each stage represents a single development cycle, consisting of clear-cut goals, requirements, and results. Our approach allows you to make adjustments and realignments at each stage of the project. This flexibility enables us to meet your most complex requirements quickly and effectively from start to finish.

We implement performance management to empower you to improve your business processes. This means by the end of implementation, you have the critical skills and experience to be able to own and extend your own solution.

Qlik Development Services

Our senior developers are skilled in all aspects of Qlik implementation and the development of advanced applications. Working with Qlik for over 10 years has equipped our team with extensive knowledge of functionality, best practices and excellent data visualisation methods. We pride ourselves in being able to offer simple, easy to use interfaces regardless of the complexity of the underlying data.

So whether you require an application built from scratch or simply would like a few modifications to your existing Qlik documents, we can help and you can be assured of the best possible solution in a time-efficient and therefore cost-efficient manner.


We offer a range of training courses to fit your needs

For the End-User

How to use Qlik/Jedox from an end-user perspective

For the Power-User

Covers front end design, development, and modifications

For the Developer

This 3-day course covers Qlik/Jedox development, including data-modeling, scripting, and front-end, plus user training and best practices.

Customised Training

We are happy to customise specific content to meet your learning requirements.