Business Discovery for Education

Enhance enrollment, finance and performance tracking

Improve tracking and reporting of student registrations, examination performance, and workforce effectiveness. Track leading indicators to adjust operations to market changes and resource requirements. Deliver improved marketing return on investment by enhanced visibility of recruitment performances. Reduce operational costs through improved financial reporting and procurement efficiency.

Making your data a competitive advantage

With the Qlik Business Discovery platform, leading education worldwide can:

  • Increase insight of student demand for services, timetabling, registrations, examinations and enrollment behaviours
  • Ease administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis and reporting
  • Optimise procurement processes to minimize costs
  • Optimise marketing spend by providing improved visibility on recruitment return on investment
  • Improve people management strategies by providing analysis of workforce planning and effectiveness
  • Increase operational efficiency and lower costs of registration service processes
  • Support estate management analysis

Making your data a competitive advantage

Schools, universities, higher education bodies, charities, libraries, and museums are under pressure today to maximize effectiveness on ever reducing budgets. Competition between these institutions is at an all-time high forcing management to focus on increasing enrollment and registration whilst controlling costs. The Qlik Business Discovery platform unlocks the answers that improve business decisions around enrollment, registrations, finance, suppliers, employee performance and more--that directly impact business performance--by making information more easily accessible to a wider audience.