Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense – Unleash Your Intuition

Imagine analytics so intuitive, anyone in your company could easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights. And imagine if this could be done while ensuring accuracy and reliability of data and analytics.

That’s Qlik Sense— a revolutionary visual analytics platform that supports self-service visualization, guided analytics apps and dashboards, embedded analytics, group collaboration and reporting, all within a governed framework that offers enterprise scalability and trust for IT.

Qlik Sense lets you rapidly create visualizations, explore data deeply, and share insights instantly, to reveal connections in your data and see opportunities from every angle.

Interactive data discovery and visualization let your instinct lead the way

Qlik Sense makes visual dashboard creation simple and intuitive, but doesn’t stop there. Qlik Sense also makes it easy to explore the data so you can understand what’s happening and why. Ask questions. Follow your intuition. Seamlessly navigate vast amounts of data from multiple sources. Then share your insights visually and accurately with other users.


Smart visualizations reveal hidden insights

Smart Visualizations use innovative new techniques to convey the meaning in your data. In combination with the patented Qlik data indexing engine, they are fully interactive and responsive. You can easily explore in any direction to discover insights that would have been hidden in query-based or hierarchical tools.

Smart Search gives you ultimate flexibility

Not sure where to begin looking? No problem. Simply type search strings so Smart Search can connect the dots, uncovering matching information and revealing data relationships across your entire data set.

Explore multiple data sources in a single app

Qlik Sense connects to multiple data sources to provide more comprehensive views, without compromising performance. Qlik Sense automatically profiles and connects data sources so you don’t have to be an expert.

Access analytics anywhere, anytime, on any device

Solve problems on the go. Move seamlessly from desktop to tablet to smartphone, while Qlik Sense automatically adapts to the device. Wherever work may take you, Qlik Sense helps you respond in real time and keep ideas in motion.

Rich data storytelling help you collaborate and share insights

Our data storytelling functionality makes it easier to share analysis visually, communicate your findings with teams, and collaborate more efficiently. Move directly between stories and live analysis, in context, to immediately answer questions and reduce delays in decision making.

Governed data enables self-service simplicity

Any user can create their own data visualizations, dashboards, and reports while giving IT confidence that they’re drawing upon consistent, secure libraries of governed data and measures.

Anyone can drag-and-drop to create personalized data visualizations, reports and dashboards

With Qlik Sense, users at any level can bring their insights to life—no expert skills required.

  • Drag-and-drop techniques allow anyone to create compelling visualizations
  • Built-in libraries let you reuse of data, metrics and objects
  • Progressive creation lets you keep it as simple—or sophisticated—as you like

Governed, enterprise-class technology provides centralized control with no trade-offs

Finding a balance between the needs of business and IT has always been a challenge. But Qlik Sense is visual analytics software that was designed to serve them equally: business users get total flexibility and agility while your IT team maintains centralized control and governance.

Governed, Self-Service Creation

Business users need to be able to explore data and answer questions on demand without waiting on IT to build or update analytics. But data needs to be secure, consistent and trusted—and Qlik Sense provides robust governance to make this all possible.

  • Shared Object Library: Pre-defined dimensions, measures and visualizations ensure consistency of data and analytics.
  • Progressive Creation: Allows you to grant users additional access to create their own visualizations, measures and data models as their skill level increases.
  • Managed Data Connections: Ensure all applications use commonly defined data sources, with access controlled by security rules.

Best-of-Breed Development

Qlik Sense offers self-service creation for everyone, and gives developers a fast and powerful way to build custom applications, embedded analytics and extensions using standard skill sets and tools.

  • Rapid Self-Service Creation: Easy-to-use self-service interface enables everyone to create visualizations using drag-and-drop techniques.
  • Powerful Open and Standard APIs: Allows developers to build custom guided analytics apps, embed analytics in web pages and workflow applications, and create new types of visualizations and analytics to meet custom business requirements.
  • Robust data integration, including big data: Profile and bring together data from multiple sources and systems—including internal, external, and big data sources—to a complete view and access to deeper insights.

A Platform For The Entire Enterprise

Qlik Sense was designed with the enterprise in mind, providing sophisticated, centralized control and scalability.

  • Manageability: Features flexible license allocation, usage monitoring, and an easy-to-use interface that saves time and simplifies troubleshooting.
  • Security: Implement enterprise-level security requirements with a flexible security-rules engine, granular control for progressive development, plus powerful audit and logging.
  • Scalability: Support for virtualization, elastic scaling and geographically disperse clustering enables global deployments.


What is QlikView?

QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. More than 24,000 organisations worldwide have enabled their users to easily consolidate, search, and visually analyse all their data for unprecedented business insight using QlikView’s simplicity.

Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easy accessible. Taking just minutes to learn, the automatic associations of QlikView create endless possibilities for making ad hoc queries without requiring tediously defined structures and hierarchies, as is typical in other data analysis tools. QlikView promotes unrestricted analysis of application data, helping users make time-saving and accurate decisions.

It brings a whole new level of analysis, insight, and value to existing data stores with user interfaces that are clean, simple, and straightforward.

The Associative Experience

QlikView enables users to gain unexpected business insights by understanding how data is associated—and what data is not related. They can conduct direct and indirect searches across all data anywhere in the application—globally or within a single field. When the user clicks on a data point in a field, no queries are fired. Instead, all the other fields instantaneously filter themselves based on the selection the user made.

Powered by In-Memory Technology

The engine behind associative search is QlikView’s next-generation in-memory architecture. It virtually eliminates the problems and complexity plaguing traditional, slow, disk-based and query-based BI tools that deliver little more than static, prepackaged data. With QlikView, all your data is loaded in memory and available for instant associative search and real-time analysis with a few clicks.

Fast to Deploy, IT Efficient

QlikView breaks out of the gridlock of the traditional BI world, where business users and developers spend months documenting and coding these requirements into dashboards, analysis, and reports, using different products for each output. Pulling data into QlikView takes minutes because data is not required to be staged or stored in intermediary formats such as data warehouses or cubes (although QlikView can source data from these systems).

QlikView integrates both the building of the back-end underlying analytic calculations with the front-end user interface. With this complete BI solution, developers have one place to build, instead of having to use separate BI tools for dashboards, analysis and reports. Finally, the resulting QlikView application provides powerful associative search and data visualization capabilities that allow business users to view their own slice of the underlying data.

Visual Intelligence can build QlikView data models in as little as 1-15 working days (depending on availability of the data and complexity of the analytical application) to deploy to users and can train you to do the same.  Often one QlikView application can often replace hundreds of reports and the cubes used for them, reducing the need to IT support and time delays.

Qlik GeoAnalytics

Qlik GeoAnalytics

Powerful map visualisations and location-based analytics for both Qlik Sense and QlikView using patented technology that compresses and streams geoanalytic mapping data.

Geospatial visualisation and analytics

Easily add maps using automatic geo-data lookup and then overlay them with different visualisations. Analyse geospatial data or geo-data in combination with non-geo data to uncover hidden geographic relationships.

Make better location-related decisions

Improve understanding

Increase productivity

Many important organisational decisions such as site selection, resource allocations or delivery times depend on location information. Maps provide visual context that help Qlik customers make correct, informed decisions involving location.

  • Analyse geospatial relationships (and uncover non-relationships) using Qlik's Associative model.
  • Choose from a comprehensive selection of GeoAnalytic operations.
  • Blend internal and external sources in calculations.

Qlik can now increase data relatability as the map paradigm is a familiar environment to most users. With the ability to quickly show cartographic information, users can gain insight into patterns not easily interpreted through tables or charts to better understand the whole story that lives within their data.

  • Seamlessly drill down into geographic areas. Use different visualizations in the drill down levels.
  • Multiple layers and visualization types.
  • Manage information dense maps that contain thousands of points.

With the ability to instantly supplement location data such as cities and countries with the necessary geo information, any Qlik user can now add rich, interactive geo visualizations to their Qlik apps. And because all of Qlik’s mapping products and tools run on the same platform, customers can easily expand their mapping solution by building upon their existing implementation.

  • Build maps quickly and easily without coordinates, using country, county, zip codes or simply place names.
  • Define visualizations using measures and expressions.
  • Draw lines and arcs between locations.









Qlik Sense Enterprise

Qlik Sense Enterprise

Now anyone in your company can easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards, explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights.  Anytime, anywhere.

Governed, self-service creation on any scale

Support self-service visualizations, guided analytics apps and dashboards, embedded analytics and reporting- all within a governed framework that provides enterprise scalability you can trust.




Features flexible license allocation, usage monitoring and an easy-to-use interface that saves time and simplifies troubleshooting.

Implement enterprise-level security requirements with a flexible security-rules engine, granular control for progressive development, plus powerful auditing and logging.

Enable virtualization, elastic scaling and geographically disperse clustering for global deployments.

Shared Object Library

Governed Creation

Managed Data Connections

Pre-defined dimensions, measures and visualizations ensure consistency of data and analytics.

Grant users additional access to create their own visualizations, measures and data models as their skill level increases.

Ensure all applications use commonly defined data sources, with access controlled by security rules.









Qlik Analytic Platform

Qlik Analytics Platform

Develop everything from simple mashups to complex integrated web applications with ease.  A developer's dream come true.

Limitless possibilites

Create beautiful visualizations and embed them anywhere.  Deliver greater value.  Scale to any size.

OEM platform

Enterprise ready

A developer's delight

Create beautiful visualizations.  Use our library of modern visualizations to make dashboards and applications.

  • Stay ahead of the competition and deliver maximum value to your customers.
  • Use licensing for every use case.  We know you have unique licensing requirements.  We offer a variety of flexible licensing structures to meet them.

Our approach covers a wide spectrum of analytics use cases with a single governance framework.  You can extend the value of Qlik to any application with all types of visualizations.

  • Developers can access the QIX Engine and visualizations library to build visual analytics into their existing workflow apps.
  • Use standard and modern APIs to embed visualizations and data into any Web portal or application to engage your partner and customer communities.

Develop and deliver visual analytics regardless of the device.  Use a standard analytics development environment to create and reuse data models, security configurations, and visualizations.

  • Build your own solutions on the qlik Associative Indexing Engine (QIX)- the same core engine we use to build Qlik products.
  • Our APIs were built using open and modern standards and designed to work with anything that exists today.









Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Desktop

Create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards.  Drag-and-drop makes integrating data from multiple sources easy.  Use this free Windows application to discover more insights in your data in just five minutes.

Let your instinct lead the way

Explore data to see what's happening and why.  Navigate vast amounts of data from multiple sources.  Ask questions and find your answers.

Smart visualizations

Reveal hidden insights

Smart Search

Convey the meaning in your data with innovative, fully interactive and responsive smart visualizations

Explore in any direction.  Find the hidden insights that hierarchical and query-based tools cant' see.

Get ultimate flexibility.  Simply type search strings to uncover matching information and reveal data relationships across your entire data set.

Explore multiple data sources

Rich data storytelling

Connect and view data from multiple sources for a more comprehensive view.

Collaborate and share analysis insights visually.  Better communicate your finds to your team.  Move directly between stories and live analysis to answer questions and speed up decision making.