Retail and Wholesale

Business Discovery for Retail

Maximize Profit in Today's Consumer-Driven Omni-Channel Marketplace

Analyse customers, products and transactions across channels and geographical markets. Rapidly integrate data from point-of-sale, merchandising, supply chain, digital advertising, social media, financial, marketing, and resource management systems to identify revenue, margin and profit opportunities. Empower retail and wholesale teams with self-service Business Discovery anywhere, anytime.

With the QlikView Business Discovery platform, leading retail and wholesale companies worldwide can:

  • Enable increased productivity by customer, channel, location, and associate by analyzing and reacting to performance patterns and trends
  • Align the right mix of products and services by channel and location to retain the most profitable customer relationships
  • Manage inventory, reduce transportation costs, and increase collaboration with customers, merchants, marketing, and suppliers
  • Control pricing and profitability to improve top- and bottom-line financial performance
  • Reduce costs and increase effectiveness of the supply chain by aligning order, production, and delivery schedules to consumer demand
  • Detect and prevent fraud and to help manage risk within organizations
  • Optimise operations, improve service levels, and streamline IT

Transparency to Capture Improved Performance

The retail and wholesale industries have never been more fragmented – or fractured – than they are today. From discount warehouse clubs to upscale specialty stores, corner convenience chains to mega e-commerce sites, buyers are better informed, less loyal, and highly cautious about discretionary spending. Organizations are striving to balance product, price and service sensitivities, while protecting margins; to ensure inventory availability while maintaining reduced carrying costs; and to deliver favourable omni-channel experiences, while streamlining daily operations at all levels of the enterprise. Now more than ever information must be leveraged in new ways to gain competitive advantage and renew stability in these uncertain times.




Business Discovery for Education

Enhance enrollment, finance and performance tracking

Improve tracking and reporting of student registrations, examination performance, and workforce effectiveness. Track leading indicators to adjust operations to market changes and resource requirements. Deliver improved marketing return on investment by enhanced visibility of recruitment performances. Reduce operational costs through improved financial reporting and procurement efficiency.

Making your data a competitive advantage

With the Qlik Business Discovery platform, leading education worldwide can:

  • Increase insight of student demand for services, timetabling, registrations, examinations and enrollment behaviours
  • Ease administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis and reporting
  • Optimise procurement processes to minimize costs
  • Optimise marketing spend by providing improved visibility on recruitment return on investment
  • Improve people management strategies by providing analysis of workforce planning and effectiveness
  • Increase operational efficiency and lower costs of registration service processes
  • Support estate management analysis

Making your data a competitive advantage

Schools, universities, higher education bodies, charities, libraries, and museums are under pressure today to maximize effectiveness on ever reducing budgets. Competition between these institutions is at an all-time high forcing management to focus on increasing enrollment and registration whilst controlling costs. The Qlik Business Discovery platform unlocks the answers that improve business decisions around enrollment, registrations, finance, suppliers, employee performance and more--that directly impact business performance--by making information more easily accessible to a wider audience.




Qlik for Government

Reduce cost. Increase Transparency

Access vast amounts of information and discover insights in minutes, not weeks or months. Experience that ‘a-ha’ moment of discovery faster. Improve efficiency and meet the government’s mandate to do more with less.

Expedite access to data to deliver actionable intelligence faster

Business Discovery for Government Knowledge Workers:

  • Reduce IT costs by empowering analysts with a modern, easy to use decision support platform
  • Meet demands for transparency and efficiency
  • Turn data into information that inspires understanding and reduces the manual manipulation of reports
  • Empower analysts with user-driven Business Discovery capabilities that enables them to quickly and easily explore data in a natural way
  • Aggregate and analyse high volumes of data from multiple, disparate sources
  • Search across all data quickly to see the big picture and make better decisions to support the mission

Unlock information to drive efficiency

QlikView empowers Agency executives and staff to access to information in ways never before possible. The QlikView architecture allows for rapid consolidation and delivery of information, allowing Agencies to meet Administration requirements. With QlikView, Agencies gain insight in data, allowing them to plan, implement, and manage resources quickly and efficiently.



Qlik enables healthcare organisations to explore clinical, financial and operational data through visual analytics to discover insights which lead to improvements in care, reduced costs and delivering higher value to patients.

Improve care with Qlik


Healthcare providers

The Qlik platform empowers healthcare workers across the entire organization. More than 1500 healthcare providers rely on Qlik solutions to deliver insight to the right people at the right time, enabling transformation across clinical processes, finance and the workforce.


Transforming healthcare with analytics

Qlik solutions for Healthcare help organizations to uncover bottlenecks, remove unnecessary clinical variation and drive improvements in patient care by combining complex data sources to gain insights that would otherwise go unseen.


Financial Services

Financial Services

Give financial professionals the most relevant information. Help them make informed business decisions. Break down the complexities of working with numerous products in multiple markets. Show people where the profit is being made—and where risks lie.

Capitalize with Qlik


Make powerful analysis simple

Deliver analytical insights to every department. Give branch managers the tools to find out which customers are driving profits. Enable risk managers to determine global exposures at a minute’s notice. Show CFOs which products drive the best returns with the lowest risk.



Discover new insights about your customers. Deliver new insights to the branches as they happen. Streamline operations and IT to reduce your costs and expenses. Manage risk and meet regulatory compliance.



Deliver accurate pricing to optimize win rates. Look for patterns in claims to identify suspicious activity. Analyse every aspect of customer behaviour and relationships. Measure key indicators on loss ratios and claims, and find ways to reduce the claims cycle. Offer the right products to the right customers’ at the most appropriate time.


Securities and Investments

Measure and optimize trading strategies. Keep track of counter-parties and collateral. Calculate capital requirements. Measure global exposures across multiple products and optimize hedging strategies. Respond quickly to regulatory inquiries, and manage regulatory submissions.




Make faster, more profitable decisions. Operate leaner, smarter and more efficiently. Gain real-time visibility across the entire supply chain. Measure and increase operational effectiveness. Collaborate better to enhance business agility. 

Make and monetize with Qlik


Automotive, industrial and aerospace

Collaborate efficiently with value chain partners and shorten the time to market. Reduce risk and product development cost. Drive after-market services, expand into new markets and gain real-time visibility to improve operational efficiency.



Drive sourcing and procurement efficiency. Measure and monitor plant utilization. Manage asset infrastructure more effectively. Lock in future revenue streams by bundling value-added services with products. Improve enterprise governance of risk, safety and regulatory compliance.


Mill products

Manage performance in highly regulated, global markets. Gain real-time visibility across the extended manufacturing value chain. Drive sourcing and procurement efficiency. Synchronize operational processes using real-time production insights to maximize asset efficiency.


Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Analyse trends to capture market share and consumer loyalty. Build and manage an intelligent supply chain that responds to consumer demand. Optimize brand marketing investment to drive sales, profitability and market share.

Be more agile with Qlik


Operate an increasingly complex global network

Collaborate closely with suppliers and trading partners to gain real-time visibility into business operations.  Capture consumer and shopper insights to innovate brands and categories.  Drive cost efficiency and profitability across the value chain.


Improve efficiencies

Improve the accuracy of supply and demand forecasts by integrating internal and external data sources. Ensure better product availability and improve operational efficiency. Reduce costs and secure sourcing improvements. Enable and encourage collaboration across the value chain..


Build brands and categories

Segment markets, customers and competition to deliver category and brand growth. Manage product life cycles and innovation processes for optimal ROI. Empower sales and marketing to discover insights and opportunities. Exert greater discipline in marketing, promotions and pricing strategies.