Häfele (N.Z.)

Häfele (N.Z) deploys QlikView


With more than 20,000 different products and 6000 customers, Häfele needed a comprehensive solution to monitor sales performance.


The data is extracted from Häfele's sales system into QlikView. Not only will each sales rep be able to analyse sales information but he will also be able to see the complete sales history down to invoice level. Another added advantage is that the available sales history is now much bigger than it used to be.


Detailed Target Followup on sales rep level, Powerful performance analysis down to invoice level, Instant information access and reporting for sales people and Sales reps can analyse off line - on the road

Häfele is a highly-regarded partner to building planners, to the woodworking industry, to the joinery and related trades, and to property developers. Its comprehensive hardware technology supply range includes: Furniture fittings, architectural hardware and the electronic locking system Dialock.

With more than 20,000 products and 6,000 customers Häfele needed a better way to control and monitor product performance as well as giving their sales reps a better view of their own performance.

Soon after the initial QlikView application was launched Häfele's management team realised just how easy reporting and analysis can be. New ideas started to pop up almost immediately.

- How to help Sales Reps identify inactive customers in certain areas
- Identify customers that suddenly stop buying a certain product
- Identify sales where the margin was too low.

Quick solutions driven by need

With such a large number of different products it used to be difficult to get early warnings of when a customer that used to buy a certain product suddenly didn't buy that product anymore or if the sold quantity dropped significantly. Before this could only be achieved by manually looking at each customer and then looking at the individual products that they used to buy over the last year. Once the need was identified it was only a matter of hours before the solution was implemented with QlikView.

When a sales representative travels to a region he needs a lot of information about existing customers. Apart from the normal sales statistics where he can performance on regional, product and customer level, he can also compare similar customers. Another need that was identified was to list customers that have not been active during a certain period. This could be a potential source of extra sales if the sales representative calls in when travelling to a region. With QlikView the sales rep will have the information he needs within a few seconds.