Scania Danmark

Scania Danmark A/S gets things done quicker and easier thanks to QlikView


With a market share of approx. 30% and 31 service stations spread out all over Denmark, Scania needed to be able to view information anywhere, and in real-time.


All desired data can be extracted in a structured way from the AS/400-server. Scania Danmark A/S uses QlikView to analyze several business areas including sales and fi nance. For example the sales people receive instant feedback about what has been reported to head office.

· Simplified review, reporting and follow-up in real-time for management 
· Extended life of existing systems 
· Instant information access and reporting for sales people 
· Stock and delivery information available in real-time

Like many large companies, Scania Danmark A/S had an organization that was widely spread and was using a number of different applications on different platforms, including generic reporting systems. It was important to Scania to quickly retrieve and compile all necessary information, and train its organization to use this information proactively. What was needed was an analysis tool that could be implemented very quickly and that didn't require a lengthy specification process for each new application. After evaluating a number of rival products they saw the advantages of using QlikView, which was easier to use, cheaper and far more fl exible than its competitors.

Many units need information

Scania is a world leader in the sales and service of heavy trucks and buses. Its market share in Denmark is about 30%. That means there are over 16,000 vehicles that need servicing at regular intervals at the 31 service stations dotted around the country. By implementing QlikView, all service stations have instant access to all the information they need. This is achieved by adding a QlikView Server, a client/server solution for analyzing QlikView documents in an ordinary web browser.

Scania gains many advantages from the new system. The exact data required can be extracted from AS/400 in a structured way. Fields can now be named in plain English when loading data. QlikView also highlights incorrect data in the database. Errors such as incorrectly registered vehicles, or vehicles registered more than once are seen instantly.

Several areas analyzed

By implementing QlikView we have greatly enhanced and extended the life of our existing systems as well as simplified the management reporting.

Björn Jacobsen, Financial director, Scania Danmark A/S

Scania Danmark A/S uses QlikView for analyzing several business areas, including sales and fi nance. The sales people get instant access and feedback on what has been reported to head offi ce. Information such as delivery times for ordered trucks, the number of vehicles available for immediate delivery, etc are all available in real-time. An application has also been developed to allow management to follow up and review the business. The application also gives direct access to the latest version of documents from different departments such as training schedules, spare parts, orders etc.

Even the people on the shop floor will benefit from using QlikView

Modern trucks are technically complex and produce a large amount of data. Data about speed, fuel consumption, wear, distance, etc, is stored in the truck's computer. All this information can be analyzed in QlikView.

Björn Jacobsen, Financial director, Scania Danmark A/S

The next step

The next step is to make QlikView available to the entire Danish Scania organization. The QlikView Server will then be used throughout the organization, where more than 1,100 employees will be able to make use of QlikView. Once in place dealers will be able to analyze business on the fly, and display information instantly to their customers. Customers will be able to get an on-thespot delivery date - a real advantage in logistics planning for everyone concerned.