Helsingborg Hospital

QlikView increases the quality of Helsingborg Hospital

Helsingborg Hospital is one of Sweden's largest emergency hospitals that is converted into a subsidiary company, and has 2400 employees. The activity has a common vision that indicates its ambition and distinguishes the activity; high-qualitative and personal care in a nice environment without waiting times, care, diagnostics and therapy in the front line development, working methods and processes that are evaluated and improved continuously and proud, competent co-workers. Medical care is a dynamic activity that is constantly changing. For that reason there is always a re-creation and reconsideration in progress within the hospitals walls.

Make use of important information

Within Helsingborg Hospital there are a large number of data systems that are handling different areas. The systems are among other things handling patients, waiting times, economy, journals and diagnoses. The quality of producing statistics and analyzing information from these systems has been very low. Now the decision is taken that this has to change. There is so much information in the different systems that have to be coordinated for making use of it in the best way. Different opportunities for this have been investigated, and finally it was decided that QlikView would be used. The work of implementing QlikView in the organization is now going on, and in the future it is expected that about half of the 2500 employees will be using QlikView. This is why it is decided to invest in QlikWeb, which gives all users the possibility to look at the same information at the same time.

"QlikView is our washing machine!"

QlikView is superb, Margareta Davegaard says spontaneously. It is incredibly simple to analyze data in QlikView. The program has really become our washing machine that is cleaning up among all the information in all our different systems within Helsingborg Hospital.

Margareta Davegaard 
PR Manager at Helsingborg Hospital

A change already at the input process

The four most important systems that will be integrated by QlikView are handling staff, patients, economy and journal systems. Margareta Davegaard is PR Manager and very much in favor of QlikView and what it will accomplish for Helsingborg Hospital. It's not only the quality of the information management that will be increased, but also the quality of the input itself. By QlikView also the staff taking care of all input will get an overall view of the value of the information they input, Margareta Davegaard says. She is also one of the key figures in the work with the information management at Helsingborg Hospital.