Channellock, Inc., the leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality pliers and hand tools, has implemented QlikView to help improve data transparency across the company. With QlikView on a 64-bit HP Proliant server, the Channellock sales teams have access to timely business information that helps them build and close sales and unearth trends faster and more effectively than the competition.

“Channellock’s commitment to American craftsmanship and quality is key to everything we do,” said Mark Yoder, National Sales Manager at Channellock. “In QlikView, we have found a tool that gives each of us instant access to all the data throughout our enterprise, and lets us manipulate that data anyway we need to. For the sales team, this means we can anticipate customer needs, find unanticipated insights and respond to them faster than the competition. In the end, using QlikView means that nobody has to waste valuable time fumbling through irrelevant data or waiting for reports from the IS staff.”

Channellock is the worldwide leader in manufacturing premium-quality pliers. With more than 4,000 wholesale and retail customers in the United States and in 45 countries around the globe, the Channellock sales team has a lot of ground to cover. Information on new products, sales, promotional details and customer requests amount to a tremendous volume of data that has not always been easy to access. Prior to implementing QlikView, the team relied on a JDE system running on the iSeries (AS/400) platform with green screen interfaces. Implementing QlikView on top of the AS/400 platform enables the sales team to access and analyze all of this data simply through a Web browser, empowering them to respond faster and more effectively to customer needs.

Since Channellock operates with a small management team, the need for each employee to have immediate access to relevant data is vital to the way the company conducts its business. QlikView has enabled all salespeople, especially the management, to analyze data in new ways. As a result, the company has gained hidden insights into their data, resulting in the ability to identify trends quickly and test the validity of some of those insights.

“Channellock is a true leader in quality and performance in the manufacturing sector. At the heart of the company’s long history is a combination of innovation and dedication to excellence. The company has developed a global network of manufacturing and sales teams, making it one of the most advanced operations in its industry,” said Rick Pitts, CEO of QlikTech U.S. “By providing a means for the company to access and analyze business data on the fly, QlikTech is helping Channellock ensure its current and future success.”

QlikTech is leading a new class of easy-to-use, fast and flexible business analysis solutions that empower individuals to improve corporate performance and drive innovation. QlikTech’s flagship product, QlikView 7.2, extends the company’s vision of simplifying business analysis, offering solutions that can be deployed in days, where users can be trained in minutes, and where end users have the freedom to be more creative in their analyses.

About Channellock
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