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Webinar: Digital Transformation & Enterprise Performance Management

Digital Transformation & Enterprise Performance Managment

As a key player in shaping your company's corporate strategy. Do you find yourself wondering how to take on the expanded role in an enterprise embracing digital transformation where you can deliver more with less?

Join our free webinar (August 15th, 3pm NZST) and discover how your organisation can Transform data and insights into action, perform collaborative planning simultaneously, and improve visibility across departments globally.

Jedox & Qlik Integration Webinar

Experience the Power for Jedox & Qlik

Are you experiencing a lack of planning and write back capabilities when working with your analytics platform? Have you built a strong data analytics foundation, but are struggling to turn your insights into actions?

Join our free webinar (Jun 13th, 3pm NZST) and learn how you will be able to complement an existing Qlik environment with the powerful planning and performance management capabilities of Jedox.

Register free to discover the seamless integration that gives everyone in your organisation freedom and flexibility when it comes to analysing planning data.

Register for the Jedox Roadshow 2018 – Auckland

Register Now for the Free Jedox Roadshow 2018 - Auckland

Date/Time: 22nd of May 2018, 8:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Cordis Auckland – 83 Symonds Street, Auckland

Jedox and Qlik Integration

Whitepaper: Jedox Brings Enterprise Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning to Qlik Sense and QlikView

2018 Gartner Report

Qlik® was named a leader in BI & Analytics for the 8th year in a row!

Download : 2018 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Jedox Webinar: Ramp up your Sales Planning with Automated Reconciling between Departments

Jedox Webinar: Ramp up Sales Planning with Automated Reconciling across Departments

Do you have separate forecasts by customer and products and struggle to get them to reconcile?

Are you looking for a more simplified and accurate way to effectively plan and analyse for each functional unit and their unique requirements?

In this demo, we will show you how Jedox can help managers from Sales, Finance and Procurement more effectively plan across business divisions and Eliminate Data Silos!

You will discover how unique parameters used for integrated planning across Product Distribution and Customer Sales can be automated using an easy-to-use custom Jedox Model.

Integrated Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Unify Planning Across the Organization

Breaking Down the Silos

Organizations face growing volumes of data, most of which is stored in multiple operational systems and disconnected departmental silos. Various planning functions across the organization not only utilize disparate systems. They also plan and report their data using different standards, periods, levels of detail, assumptions, and intervals.

From Spreadsheets to Integrated Business Planning

Organizations face growing volumes of data, most of which is stored in multiple operational systems and disconnected departmental silos. Various planning functions across the organization not only utilize disparate systems. They also plan and report their data using different standards, periods, levels of detail, assumptions, and intervals.

Leverage the Data Hiding in Departmental Silos

Jedox is a collaborative platform for enterprise planning, data analytics, and reporting. This helps align all departments and divisions to your corporate strategy and objectives. With Jedox, you can link financial targets to operational drivers and other day-to-day activities in each department. Business users can compare actual performance to plan data and drill down to the details to see ‘why’ it is happening. By combining performance monitoring with integrated business planning, your company stays agile and ready for action.

Integrated Planning With Jedox Delivers:

→  Improved collaboration across the teams and entities in your organization
  More accurate forecasts and what-if analytics
  Faster insights to all stakeholders to align operational planning with strategic goals
  Better, data-driven decisions based on high-level and detailed plan and actuals
  Simpler planning that saves time and eliminates manual reconciliation
  Greater process visibility and transparency that strengthens risk management
  Single version of the truth backed by transparent methodologies and processes
  Predictive analytics and planning (e.g. predictive revenue analysis), including integration of “R” language for statistical computing









Qlik’s Associative Difference

Qlik's Associative Difference

Putting an end to analytics blind spots. That's the Associative Difference™

The problem with most BI vendors is that they rely on query-based analysis that restricts people to linear exploration within a partial view of their data. Qlik’s Associative engine lets you combine any number of data sources so you can freely explore across all your data and instantly pivot your thinking based on what you see. The result: Powerful insights you miss with other tools.